BP 5

BP 5

Examining the 4 parenting styles as highlighted in the chapter, name one character from today’s pop culture/society that depicts a specific parenting style and describe/cite 4 identifying characteristics as referenced in the text to support your selection.

I feel that Kim Kardashian is an example of a Permissive style parent. Permissive parents are moderately and sometimes highly responsive to their children, but they are not as demanding. They seem to have less behavioral control when compared to other parents. They can be more nurturing and affectionate than authoritarian parents. Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West, as indicated by the TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, appears to have less structure and perhaps not as many expectations demanded of her by her parents.

Authoritarian parents are low on responsiveness but highly demanding. I typically think of my mother’s family in regards to this parenting style. Being an Asian family, my mother grew up with very high expectations placed upon her. Authoritarian parents seem to think in the “Because I said so” mindset and have very strict rules regarding behavior. This was exactly the environment experienced by my mother. She was expected to attend school and be successful at it. She was also expected to marry into a good family because that was what was normal in her culture at the time.

Authoritative parents show a fair amount of responsiveness to their children’s needs as well as being highly demanding. Authoritative parents encourage independence while creating a positive environment for their children. I feel that mother on the TV show The Middle is a good example of this. The family is considered middle-class/working class but both parents raise their children with a fair divide on attention and demands. The mother can be seen in several episodes reasoning with her children and providing clear rules to dictate behavior. Consequences are clearly defined in an authoritative household. Her children all seem to have positive self-esteem as a result of this parenting style.

Neglecting and Uninvolved parents are low on responsiveness and low on demandingness. They take little time out of their days to attend to their children and tend to be very parent-centered. They sometimes show less affection. These parents have a lot of difficulty imposing limits on their children and punishments are usually an assertion of power. Neglectful parents are usually the parents who do not show up to any school events for their child. They show little involvement or interest in what happens to their child outside of the home. Children from these types of homes can sometimes suffer from serious neglect and may end up in state custody as a result.


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