BP 12

BP 12

Regarding the Mindfulness Practice homework assignment, please reflect on that process and share its impact: positive, negative, or neutral. How could you use this in your own life or how could it benefit your clients?

As we discussed in class closure last week, please state 2 things that you are taking away from this course in Human Behavior and the Social Environment.

The mindfulness practice involves taking a step back to reflect on one’s thoughts and to do so without judgement, letting thoughts come and go. I find this process to be positive overall but I think it’s difficult for me to implement it without assistance. This is probably because I am not used to taking the time out to be mindful and to focus on thoughts and feelings. I found it interesting in the video where it mentioned that 47% of our lives is spent thinking about all sorts of things so I definitely want to be able to incorporate such a practice from time to time because it’s surprising that we all spend so much time just thinking. I’m sure there are moments that I could definitely benefit from letting my thoughts flow in order to refocus myself. I believe this would benefits my work with clients by teaching them to help let go of some of the stressors they are experiencing in a moment. Not to forget about these issues entirely, but to take 10 minutes to just not think and to stop overthinking and judging ourselves. I believe we could all use more practice at that.

I will take away additional knowledge about children, adolescents and adults that I think will help me with my work. I feel like it was important to address the different theories in order to provide a strong foundation when I find myself working with clients. There are so many different approaches to the issues we face and to realize that a person’s problems can be addressed through many different perspectives is actually comforting. It makes me realize I don’t need to know all the answers and I don’t need to specifically use one approach to help a client problem solve. Understanding human behavior and how it interacts with our environment over our lifetimes encompasses such a vast amount of material but I’m learning that as social workers, it’s not necessary for me to be an expert in one particular theory or area. I can be just as helpful by learning about my clients and learning what areas to apply to each individual in order to help them.

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