BP 10

BP 10

Give one example of your own thinking at one or more points in your life that reflect the following:

dualism- I can remember thinking as a young adult (18) that it wasn’t right to question teachers or political figures because “they knew what they were talking about”. It didn’t occur to me that ideas and opinions could be challenged so easily. As a result, I hardly ever spoke up in classes to provide my own opinions for fear of being chastised.

multiplicity- As I grew older, I learned that people have different viewpoints and just because I didn’t agree with them didn’t necessarily make those people wrong. I was able to learn from other people from a variety of backgrounds in my undergraduate classes.

relativism- Later after graduating college, I felt that I could sufficiently support or defend my own ideas. I had developed beliefs through the friends and experiences I had in college and this allowed me to shape my personality further. I ended up moving to a foreign country where many ideas and beliefs were very different from my own but through experience, I was able to defend my points and ultimately allow others to see things from my perspective.

What are two marker events that could help a young adult to develop into their current level of thinking?

A marker event such as forming a romantic relationship with another person is something that could help a young adult develop their personality and beliefs. People in intimate relationships tend to have discussions about shared desires and wants. They may have similar goals and it helps to form a more solid belief system. Another event that aids young people in developing thinking is to start a new job. Many young people just out of college start out in entry level jobs and these jobs help form identities. People meet coworkers and form friendships that allow people to exchange ideas.

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